520 pages of dark epic fantasy...

A Bitter Fall of Tears

'I love this author’s magical story-telling...' Amazon 5 star review

'This amazing story...'  Amazon 5 star review

Amazon.com rating = 5 Stars

'Yet another wildly immersive story from Mr. Battle...' Amazon 5 star review

 'I loved it, and can't wait for the rest of the series.' Amazon 5 star review

The fate of the world rests on one man’s shoulders.

50 years ago, they were utterly defeated by The Seven.

Now they are back to avenge the Human Crime, and The Seven are no more.

Can one young man stand against them? A man born with a terrible power.

If he can learn to control that power, then maybe he can prevail.

But only if he can avoid the madness that will come with his brother’s touch.

Only if he can gather together a new Seven.

Only if he can remember who he is.

To find the aid he needs, he must cross the Woeful Land, with all of its dangers to mind and body.


If he fails, then humanity will be swept away by the abominable Oldgen, and darkness will fall on the land.

If you like your epic fantasy full of complex characters, dark deeds, extravagant heroism and earthy humour, then you should get your hands on A Bitter Fall of Tears today! But wrap up warm: it’s cold out there.

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