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The Misthaven Saga

 A rich new fantasy series

 This Fragile Flesh

        Misthaven: Book I


   Who will pay the cost of Magic?

In a land of fading magic, a single man must stand against the evil Trytor and avenge the terrible wrong that he has suffered.

Lord Richard would never be anyone’s first idea of a hero. He’s too old; he’s too settled; in all honesty, he’s too plump. But someone must make the stand.

With the aid of a Giant who would rather be sitting in a tavern, and a sword he dare not touch, he must strike down the last of these demonic creatures and free a land from their tyranny.

Should he fail, what will become of mankind, in a world of diminished Elvenfolk and uncaring Giants? 

In a world where magic comes at an awful price, and man is the least of all the sentient creatures, he simply cannot fail.

If you like your Fantasy full of rich characters, treachery, action and humour, you should get hold of the first book in the Misthaven Trilogy today. 


 When the Age of Magic comes to an end,  then the First Men shall return.



'This book was fantastic from start to finish.'

  Amazon 5 Star Review

 'What fantasy should be...giants, elven folk, magic, quests, adventure, it was great!'

  Amazon 5 Star Review

     This Fallen Breed

        Misthaven: Book II



  For a year, he burned in the midst of God’s Challenge, but his torment will soon end. What will the half-giant Rootheart do when he is free to seek revenge?

  Magic will be lost to the valley and the Elvenswarm will come, with no-one to stop them. Unless it is Lady Alice, who must find a way, or see her people fall.

  Beyond the valley, Cavour is the Trytor’s man, and he must search the land for the legendary Wellstone. But how can he bring one back to the last Trytor, when he knows the abomination that will come? In his quest for Magic, Cavour arrives at the head of the valley to see God’s Challenge standing against the mass of the glacier. If he can find his way into the valley, then he may find that which he seeks; if he is not too late.

  With the help of BobbyJ, a new friend from the road, he walks into the mist.

  On Fairisle, Fleur seeks to strengthen her hold on Meldon, to secure the future for the child she carries. If she could see what was to come, she would surely cast herself from the highest tower.

  Can Ellaine Woewearer use her foresight to protect the land, or will she have more songs of sorrow to sing?

  This is the second book in a rich new fantasy saga. Full of treachery and tragedy, twists and laughter, unlikely heroes and evil villains.

When the Age of Magic ends, then the First Men shall return.

 'Yet another great read in the continuing story of Misthaven.'  Amazon 5 Star review


   This Cleansing Flame

        Misthaven: Book III 





And so we come to the end…

The world will change utterly if the Child is allowed to walk the land.

Races will fall and the world will be cast into darkness, and all who survive will bow their heads to the Child. All who survive will bow their heads to the Beast.

Who is there to stand against him?

Fleur has the will, but she lacks the strength.

Gorge is lost in the Magic.

The Trytor is just trying to stay alive.

Only Ellaine the Woewearer is left to face the Child. She must gather together a small band of heroes, with the skill and the heart to save the world.

If she should fail…

When the Age of Magic comes to an end, then the First Men shall return

  'the last and best in the series...'

   Amazon 5 Star Review











         IN FAVOUR of FOOLS

         These Foolish Things: Book I



A PI/SCI-FI/Comedy/Thriller introducing Philip Humphrey Chandler

as the socially inept hero who likes beer, coffee and breasts - but

not necessarily in that order.


Phil is private investigator; he's got a computer and a comfy chair, and

he knows how to use them. 

He doesn't get all sweaty chasing the bad guys; not when his fingers

can do the work as he sips his coffee and looks forward to a nice cool

pint. He doesn't wrestle them to the ground, with a quick quip and a

steely gaze; not when he can sit in his comfy chair and dream about the girl behind the bar; the one with the breasts. 

Then he meets the ex-wife of a missing crime lord, and everything changes. Suddenly he's squirting to distant planets, finding dead bodies, dancing with aliens, saving a world from the clutches of the cutest of

aliens and, for one brief moment, he becomes the richest man in the universe. 

In a tale of treachery, danger, poor customer service and bad jokes, Phil

is forced to put aside his relaxed 'let someone else do the work' attitude, and take up arms against the might of an alien empire (well, it's a

crowbar actually, and the alien is a little girl; a very tough little girl) and somehow find a way to save the day, and Earth's most valuable commodity, and maybe even his dignity. 

But where does this story really start? 

Of course, for Phil, it’s when he first meets the ex-wife of the missing

crime-lord; it’s typical of him to think it all started with him. For Ben, it would be the misplaced bullet; for Millie, it was, of course, the Joke, and for Sam; well your guess is as good as mine. 

In reality, it started much earlier; nine years earlier, with the robbery... 



    "A genre-mixing, laugh-out-loud romp" - Amazon 5* Review












  These Foolish Things: Book II





Phil is back, and now he's squirt-capable!


In Book II of this Science Fiction Comedy Thriller Series, Phil and the gang are back, and so is Millie. This time, she means to make Phil pay for his role in preventing her becoming the richest little alien in the Universe, and she will put the balance of the Universe at risk to achieve her aims.


In a tale where Phil becomes Spiderman, Sam becomes Phil, and Julie becomes a convict, Millie sets her dastardly plans in motion.


Can Phil really survive hanging by his fingertips above a seething river of magma?

Can he save his sister from 15 years imprisonment in 'Gotcha'?

Is Mandy really going to get physically intimate with him? Or is it just another interrogation technique?

Will Sam actually put aside his tin hat, face-paint and ice-packs?

Will he really go to work for the Lord and Order AI?

Why would anyone think they could kidnap Phil's mother and survive the experience?

How does Millie end up giving away puppies?

What is the sound of Willow on flesh?

What are those Giants doing, sitting there with their floaty clothes and poor grooming?


All these questions, and many more, will be answered within the pages of the second book in the These Foolish Things SF Comedy Thriller series.


And you can be sure that breasts will pop up when least expected in this unusual First Contact narrative.


'Hope to see you again, Phil!,

A great follow-up to Book One! Sadly there is no Book 3 yet, but one can always hope! '  Amazon 5* review 




















    Nobody Puts a Fool in a Corner

     These Foolish Things: Book III 



                  AT LAST THE HERO!

In the final book of the These Foolish Things Trilogy, Phil and the gang are back, and maybe this time he’ll be a real hero. 

Earth is under threat from an AI that has gone suddenly all Orwellian, and from a race of genocidal mushrooms who have a real problem with the number of legs we have. 

Somehow Phil, with his onboard AI and his new super-ripped muscles has to save the world from this double threat, and see that Mille gets the justice she so richly deserves. 

With a cameo appearance from Strange, and a deranged appearance from Mrs. Masters (Ex), the final book in this science fiction comedy series takes Phil further from his comfy chair than he has ever been. 

If he should succeed, against all the odds, then perhaps, when he stands erect and heroic above his fallen enemies, there may even be a chance of an exotic love interest. 

Follow Phil as he takes on light-sabre wielding robots and squishy aliens; as he attempts to bend an alien court to his will, despite not understanding a single sqawk they say. 

Will Phil emerge as the hero he always wanted to be? 

Will gorgeous women flock to him with love in their eyes and lust in their hearts? 

Will he be found hiding in a dark corner with his eyes closed and his fingers in his ears, waiting for the world to go away and leave him alone? 

With a bonus ‘Origins’ short story, and an excerpt from the Narrative Facilitator’s Pixie epic. 

Don't miss this last chance to laugh with Phil. 














Once he was a hero to millions; now he's just a thief. 

When Dan Robinson steals the space ship and travels to Tau Ceti E to pass it on to his boss, everything seems to be going smoothly. 

Then the Hru-argh attack begins, and suddenly smooth is hardly the right word. 

Dan ends up on the surface of the hot heavy planet, many kilometers from any human settlement, without the food, water or oxygen to reach safety. And he has to put up with Helen, even though he’s sure that she is only using him, and there's something about a knife, and diamonds, that he really doesn't want to know about. 

Together, they find evidence of alien life, and set off in search of what maybe their only hope for survival, and man’s first contact with an alien intelligence, unless you count a devastating attack from space by the Hru-argh as first contact. 

Meanwhile, many light years from Tau Ceti E, an enormous, dragon-like creature named Heldon is doing to her best to save the Galaxy from attack from Outside, and she really doesn't want another extended war involving the belligerent and malodorous Hru-argh, so she sends Jashna to deal with their attack on Tau Ceti E. With his usual light touch, Jashna destroys the whole of the Hru-argh force, but he is not in time to save the Human settlements. 

Anyone who knows the Hru-argh will hardly be surprised that their reaction to the destruction of their ships is to bring together the largest force of fighting ships in the history of the Galaxy, determined to annihilate the few remaining survivors on Tau Ceti E and then seek out and conquer the home system of the Humans. 

Jashna has been sent off to deal with the threat from Outside the Galaxy, so it is left to a diminutive blue hominid going by the name of Stave to prevent a long term, extended and bloody war. He’s strange, and more than little creepy, but he has the motivation to get the job done; no matter what the cost to the parties involved. 

In a Science Fiction thriller, told with more than a hint of humor, we find out what happens to Jashna in his intergalactic quest, how Stave achieves his ends, and how Dan finds something not only to live for, but to die for. 








 An Intervention of Angels

If the dark clouds stoop our shoulders and the barren land refuses life, without an intervention of angels, how can we hope to survive?


Nothing matters but the ritual. And nothing ever changes. That is the will of The Wall. War approaches in its endless cycle, and once again the cats must pit themselves against the apes. But when the final drum is beaten, and victory is achieved, a new foe must be faced, and their very existence is at risk. When the ship from Earth appears in the air above the temple, it carries the seeds of redemption and destruction. Perdus is tasked with finding the craft and divining its purpose. But he is not alone in his quest to make use of the humans. The Wall itself seeks their help. And it will brook no refusal. So the cats, the apes, and the enhanced humans will find themsleves on a beach, under heavy clouds,awaiting the arrival of the first wave of the Succ-y-Rist. The Wall will sacrifce them all, if that becomes necessary. But, if they should succeed through some feat of unexpected valour, against the odds, then there is always the second wave to consider. A tale of cats and apes, with treachery and heroism, and a most unlikely hero.


If you like something different you will love this!' Amazon 5* review





'Hold on to your space pants, this is one heck of a ride!' Amazon 5* review

These Foolish Things - Sci-Fi/Comedy Thrillers

Stand-alone Sci-Fi Adventures

And All Things Between

ISBN-13: 978-1481298421 
ISBN-10: 1481298429

After 10,000 years, he is returning home, hoping to fulfill his last desire. But ony if his catastrophic past can be forgiven

Jack is barely human; just part of his organic brain remains protected and supported by his metaform body.
He hopes for a peaceful end to his life, on Earth with his rejuvinated family, but Earth's managing AI has other intentions. With the aid or hinderance of Debois, the AI's slightly odd emissary, Jack will have to repair some of the damage he has caused over the millennia; he will have to locate and destroy the 7 copies of himself he created and hid to ensure the survival of his biological material.But he has to be quick; Number Seven is leaving the known universe at a significant proportion of light speed, Number Two is eating worlds, and Number Five is coming for him.


          ‘When I started this book, I knew I had found a jewel.

           Your writing is flawless - truly.’*

              * Authonomy writers' community





Land of Light and Shadow :
Book I: Silence Over the Land

ISBN-13: 978-1481835121
ISBN-10: 1481835122


Someone wants to destroy Shadowland. Bobby has to save this land of magic and friends and giants. But how far will he go?  
Bobby is a boy who lives in two worlds. During the day, his life is ordinary; during the night, he exists in Shadowland.
Shadowland is a world of easy magic and wonderful creatures. There are friends and giants and adventures. But there is also evil.
When Bobby allowed other children to join him in Shadowland, he also gave access to someone who did not belong there. Someone who’s only wish was the total destruction of Bobby and his magical world.
When the Roarbeasts disappear, Bobby has only the untrustworthy guidance of The Past and Future Book and the enigmatic pronouncements of Stark to help him save them. He can’t risk his friends; he has to protect them as well as Shadowland.
But he can’t use magic, for that would give victory to his unknown enemy.
So, on an unnamed horse, carrying a sword with no name, he sets off to save Shadowland.
But his friends will perform incredible feats of magic to be with him, no matter what the cost to themselves or to Shadowland.

          'there is a melodic quality to your writing which is almost hypnotic.' *

         * Authonomy writers' community






Land of Light and Shadow:
Book II: Return to Danger

ISBN-13: 978-1483917702
ISBN-10: 1483917703


Bobby has saved his beloved Shadowland; a land of magic and friendship, of giants and wonderful beasts.

He has stopped Francis, now revealed as the evil one, in his attempt at the destruction of this wonderful place. With the help of his friends, Sarah, Jack, Lucy and Tom, the giant. And of course we must not forget The Horse and old Whitear, the Roarbeast. All played their part in this sweet victory.

 But their work is not yet done. For Francis survived; and he is eager to try again. This time he is prepared to risk Earth itself in his quest for revenge.

Once more, the friends will have to put themselves in harm’s way as they attempt to stop him. 

Even with the help of their Shadows and the Linklots, will they be able to see through his traps and save two worlds?







For younger readers